29 Jan

Welcome to Vanuatu

At the Holiday Inn…

you can have one of these in the bar

and try not to step on one of these in the lagoon

Then you can visit the very laid-back capital, Port Vila

A drive all the way around the island, stopping off here and there, only takes a few hours because the roads, while not always appropriate for a hire car with very low clearance at the front,

are empty

Well, mostly empty

There are lots of places to stop, but nearly always claimed by a local who charges an entrance fee

If you do one thing in Vanuatu, skip the frustrating volcano and get to the Blue Lagoon early. The water is a little chilly at first, but you’ll have the place to yourself for an hour or so, and when it gets busy it’s still only a handful of people.

Even if you’re as bad a swimmer as I am, it’ll be by far the best thing you do in Vanuatu. After Halong Bay in Vietnam, it’s the second best place I’ve ever been swimming.