Tanna Island, Vanuatu

28 Jan

The aircraft for the flight from Port Vila to Tanna is rather compact:

Tanna’s Whitegrass airport is nothing more than a landing strip and a tin hut, so it probably needs to be a small plane.

Instead of “this is your captain speaking”, he just turns round and says hello:

No in-seat TV with a moving map of the journey, but if I want to know where we are I can just take a look at the instruments. I resist the urge to reach in and press some buttons, just:

On the way across the island to the volcano we stop at the, er… “ferry terminal”:

Which is where you’ll find the local, er… “supermarket”:

And stock up on, um… “supplies”:

Then a long and slow ride in the 4×4 over very poor roads and tracks behind a queue of pick-up trucks each carrying about twenty people:

Which gets very interesting when the terrain becomes an increasingly barren moonscape of black volcanic sand around Mount Yasur:

The locals were having fun on this ride. Turn up the sound:

Finally a great view of the volcano itself: