Swiss First Class, Zurich Airport

2 Jan

I booked Lufthansa First from Frankfurt to Shanghai and at no extra cost was able to add a connection from Zurich on Swiss. That meant I would be able to use the Swiss first class lounge, although sadly only the main terminal lounge, not the exclusive premier First lounge for long haul departures, which is in terminal E.

After checking in at the dedicated First class check in lounge and being escorted through the dedicated First class security check and into the First class lounge, I was quite impressed and no longer disappointed about missing out on the premium lounge. But then I got chatting with the staff and offered a private car and driver to take me over to terminal E, where I was shown around the lounge which has private day rooms with a view of the runway and a private bathroom:

and it has shower rooms complete with first class amenity kits:

and even the restroom has amazing views over the runways:

Then you can have breakfast in the restaurant with runway views:

Had to resist the urge to go for sturgeon caviar and champagne at 9am, and I have to pace myself for the upcoming Frankfurt First class terminal and flight where there will be plenty more opportunity for gourmet food and expensive drinks, but the menu in the Swiss lounge is stunning:

All that was left was another chauffeur driven private car to take me out to the plane.

But not before retiring to my private dayroom with aircraft landing and taking off right outside, my own bathroom, and a Swiss First amenity kit that obviously I had to steal to add to my collection.

The bed in the dayroom is more comfortable and luxurious than many hotels, and there are at least 8 members of staff in this lounge, not including those behind the scenes in the kitchen etc, and so far only 3 other guests.

The view from my bed (My bed!) in the Swiss First Class lounge at Zurich airport:

Oh yeah, here’s my car. A brand new Mercedes:

which takes me straight to the aircraft

long before any of the peasants arrive

Feel very smug when the bus drops off all the other passengers.

Food on the short flight is simple but delicious and well presented.

No, thank you!

When we land at FRA, we stop away from the terminal and it looks like I’ll have to suffer the indignity of riding the bus. Then a Lufthansa Porsche pulls up. Is that for me?

Yes, it’s for me! First class all the way!

And on we go to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.