Sangat Island, Philippines

17 Jan

Above is Sangat Island. A small dive resort is the only occupant of the island, and part of that is a private villa with its own private beach.

To get there from Manila first you need one of these:

Then you need a minibus. When the first thing you see on leaving the airport grounds is this, you know you’re in the Philippines:

After a bumpy 20 minute ride you arrive at the, erm, “port”:

For a 20 minute boat ride to the island:

The few huts in the main part of the resort are nice enough:

But now you have to take a rickety old walkway, loosely “attached” to the coral cliff:

Only for the residents of the villa:

And at the end, past the monkeys, first glimpse of my own private beach. Everything in this shot is only for me:

More of the villa in the next post because wifi on the island is almost completely useless. It’s taken 90 minutes to upload this post. That’s 3 pina coladas in private beach terms.

private beach villa location