Route for Part 2 of Ride Round The World

10 Jun

I had been planning another epic trip through Africa and the Americas, but that’s all on hold after the accident. So, part 2 is now a relatively easy jaunt through Scandinavia and Eastern Europe on a new (ish) BMW F800 GS. First stop will be the Nurburgring, my old favourite. Then a meander up through Denmark and Sweden, into Norway and all the way to Nordkap, the northernmost point of mainland Europe. Back down through Finland, enjoying the lakes and forests and lack of population. A short ferry ride from Helsinki to Estonia, Latvia then Lithuania. Next, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and into Turkey. It might be hard to resist another visit to Istanbul which was one of the highlights of round the world part 1. And Then? Who knows? A lot depends on the situation in the middle east, which looks bad at the moment. Honestly, who do these people think they are? Expecting human rights and democratic freedom, it’s just not on….