Moorea, French Polynesia

8 Feb

Some of the early morning visitors to the villa included:

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.

If you don’t know that bloody song, consider yourself lucky…

Sharky was about a metre long and very fast.

The only problem with this villa is that it’s on the ocean side and it’s quite windy, so when you’re in the water the current is quite strong and you have to keep swimming back.

Having seen what’s in the water, I might spend less time in there today, and be a bit jumpy when something brushes past. Maybe stick to the kayak today…

The octopus would change colour to blend into the background, sometimes being almost completely disguised, other times snapping back to a slimy white colour that would put you off your breakfast.

Some examples of how hard it is to get a decent shot from the water. My only waterproof camera is the GoPro, but without a screen to see the image and while swimming/paddling/bouncing around on a jet ski, the results are usually rubbish. I thought it would look a lot can closer than this. The last shot is my villa after 20 minutes paddling against the wind from the resort beach.