Monte Negro

2 Jun

Monte Negro, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

It was only this morning but feels like days ago. We left Croatia and had the first border crossing that required more than a passport check. Registration documents, and having to buy insurance for 10 euros. Border guard police man very friendly and helpful. It won’t always be so easy. So now we’re into country number 7 and it feels very different, not so well developed. And it’s raining. We press on to Kotor, but the views are spoiled by the weather and the rain gets in dave’s electrics and he’s broken down again. After some WD40 and when the rain clears, we’re back underway, only to find ourselves trying to squeeze down a road being dug up, with mud, gravel and big trenches everywhere, and big vans and buses coming the the other way. Some scary moments. Eventually we make it out without crashing, and follow some more scenic roads, they and riding spoiled by rain, on towards Albania, country number 8 in 8 days.