MNL-KUL-BNE, Malaysia Airlines Business Class

23 Jan

Another one of these:

To leave behind the hell-on-earth that is Manila:

Seating is outdated and 2×2, but luckily an empty seat next to me, good food, good service, and on time:

A different view of KL:

When all anyone really does in KL is take (always disappointing) photos of the Petronas towers. Here’s a slightly different view taken from (just across the corrider and around the corner from) my hotel room:

PS, in KL, always skip the hotel exec lounge buffet. Instead, go out and have satay. Doesn’t matter where, just have satay. You can’t lose. Unless you’re vegetarian, but then you’ve already lost.

As for this, I can only say “You what?”…

Then to Brisbane on a much better equipped A330, where I snag one of the 3 “throne” seats in business class – solo seats in the same space used by all the other pairs of seats:

As delicious as a good Malaysian satay is, they never photograph well: