Lufthansa First Class Terminal

2 Jan

It’s actually not quite as good as the Swiss First Class lounge at Zurich, but the service is impeccable.

All you can eat gummi bears, for some reason:

but of course, I have to try the Wiener Schnitzel, and, of course, it’s better than any you would find anywhere else. The champagne (retail price, £100 per bottle) is pretty nice too.

Might try the steak later. The gingerbread mousse is the most delicious pudding ever.

So far so good. One goal left: nicking a rubber duck from the private bathrooms, apparently the top of the to do list for every travel blogger. I put my name on the waiting list for a bathroom when I came in. While I’m waiting for my turn, someone comes over and gives me one of the famous ducks:

Another pointless travel blogging mission accomplished!

The rum menu is even better than the champagne. (There’s 4 pages of whiskey to choose from if that’s your preference.)

The sommelier suggests the Dictador, a Colombian rum that is rich and smooth like honey.

The private bathroom is classy, and I have to have a bath, not because I want one but because how often do you get your own bathroom in an airport lounge?

Next time you’re looking for the least disgusting loo in an airport, remember that the first class passengers are taking a bath in luxury with a glass of Bollinger.

4th meal of the day: filet steak

Correction. Exceptional filet steak…