Lufthansa Boeing 747 First Class

3 Jan

Another Private Porsche to take me to the aircraftand my seat which is one of just 8 in the nose of the lower deckIt’s not as private as the modern generation of fully enclosed suites on the likes of Etihad and Singaporebut it’s spacious and better once the privacy screen goes up.First an amuse bouche of scallop. Lufthansa is the world’s biggest buyer of caviar, so I have to have some of that, followed by assorted starters of gorgonzola, veal, and tuna sashimi. Gnocchi for the main course, because I’ve already had 8 different kinds of meat today, then an exquisite cheese plate.

Champagne with the scallops, vodka with the caviar, a truly magnificent Stellenbosch pinotage with the rest, and port (obviously) with the cheese.For once I actually bother to change into the hideous brown Lufthansa PJs, because it’s an 11 hour flight, then it’s time to get the bed made upThe lack of privacy compared to more modern aircraft is obvious but it’s still very comfortable. The on-board experience isn’t as impressive as the Etihad Apartment, but the ground experience in the First Class Terminal and with the private car transfers direct to the plane is very special.