Iguazu Falls, Brazil

25 Feb

Wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to get into Brazil, especially when Aerolineas Argentina delayed my flight for 90 minutes, but my local driver was very quick and got me through the border really fast.

Heavy storms began as soon as I got into the Iguazu national park, but even soaked to the skin it was a better experience than Niagara or Victoria falls, by a very long way. It’s much more dramatic and powerful and impressive.

How many photos of a waterfall do you want? They’re not great, though, because of the driving rain coating camera lenses, specs leaving me pretty much blind as they misted up, cameras eventually failing altogether.

You can get a lot closer to the water than at other big falls:

But if you want to get really close, go on the boats:

A few hours later, with everything thoroughly wet, I got upgraded at the Meliá and found a perfect view of the falls from a nice dry room:

(The only flaw with the hotel is that the lounge is full of pathetic one-up boasting dumb fucks. Yes, we wanted to downsize so now we live in a boat and take our summers in Umbria. Oh yes, we tried that but found the boat life to not be downsized enough for us so we live in a shoe and take our summers in a cryogenic chamber that used to be owned by Banksy. Oh how sweet, we own twelve Banksys. Oh that’s lovely. He used to be our butler until we moved to a little chateau just outside Provence….”)