2 Jun

Greece!, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

I can’t believe we’re in Greece! This is Dave on his bike on the beach. Can you tell he’s quite happy to be here? Another really long day, out of albania into macedonia, getting stiffed 50 euros for insurance at the border. Pretty easy going ride. Bert the German turned up on his way greece too, and asked to ride with us as his tyre was down to canvas and if was a bit worried about making it all the way. So after being waved through the greek border we rode almost non-stop to just east of Thessaloniki, where we are now just walking along the beach for a well earned beer. 3000 miles, 9 days, 11 countries! (england, france, monaco, italy, slovenia, croatia, bosnia, monte negro, albania, macedonia, and greece.) All being well, this time tomorrow we’ll be in country number 12.