13 Jun

Georgia, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Woke up at 4.30 to the sound of another call to prayer, even though we’re seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Woke up again at 6 to a beautiful sunny day, clear blue skies and already warm. Dug out the laptop to plot a route, now that tomtom is out of scope, only to find that it has conveniently broken again. Great. Still, after 2 nights camping wild, which isn’t much better than sleeping rough, i think we’re both thinking of finding a hotel in Tbilisi, so maybe a bit of luxury will soothe the disappointment of technology going kaput. Border crossing takes a long time, but is easy, and there’s no cost. Rubbish exchange rate getting rid of turk lira. Gravel road from the border sets expectations low. First proper georgia actually really pretty, much nicer than turkey, and road becomes good tarmac. Wrong turn leads to local offering to show us the way back to the main road, but he leads us to the institute of biological farming, where a girl who speaks english asks all about us. Eventually we find the way out. Burgers at the road side by a river. Tbilisi ugly and full of major loon drivers. No road signs. Cross temporary bridge next to remains of bombed out original. Airport hotel idea a total failure, no hotels, but do spot one on the way. Rain, dark skies and heavy rain, more mad traffic. Back to hotel, turned out to be perfect. Gorgeous girl on reception. Russian beer. Nice georgian food. Georgian wine really sweet. Georgian girls really sweet. Dutch guy in hotel, seems very pleased to have english people to speak to, plus he is a biker, rides a beemer. Nice to have comfort and relative luxury, and to be out of the rain.