Farid and the Baku ferry

13 Jun

Farid and the Baku ferry, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Farid arrives at the red lion, with his friend on a Fazer. We follow on our bikes at crazy speed through crazy traffic, even though farid is probably taking it easy for us. Good job he knows where the ferry port is, we would never have found it. Blasting through the traffic following farid is great fun, having a blast, not like nervously trying not to have an accident and not knowing where to go. Farid talks to the customs people, we don’t know what the hell is going on, but farid sorts it out. Amazingly, Nathan arrives on his suzuki. We leave the bikes in the customs area, farid negotiates a reduced ticket cost, we have to go back on tuesday morning to buy the ticket and get on the ferry. Farid races off on the bike and flags down a taxi, then taxi races bike back across town. While i shoot video from the back seat, farid’s friend talks on his mobile on the pillion seat as farid loops and swerves in and out of the traffic, in jeans and t-shirt. I’ve never felt so utterly uncool as i am in comparison to these two! Back to the air conditioned cool of the hotel, a cold coke from the fridge, a shower in the nicest bathroom of the trip by a factor of 1 million, and later we are meeting farid and co for a night out in baku and the finest kebabs this city has to offer.