EVA “Royal Laurel” class, TPE-MNL

16 Jan

Never heard of EVA and given the price I didn’t expect much.

The lounges were poor, and seating is 2-2-2, but with few passengers up front, I could choose a window seat without anyone sitting next to me.

The service was surprisingly very good. Delivered with a grace a professionalism that many airlines can only dream of and at half the price.

Another great meal, but why does every recent movie release have that rock man in it? He’s the world’s worst actor.

Brilliant sunset views on the approach to Manila, not captured in these photos.

The hotel car failed to turn up so I had to ride the shuttle bus, like a commoner. Manila traffic is utter chaos but the bus driver spotted a particularly bad jam ahead and avoided a twenty minute queue by reversing a full size coach the wrong way 3/4 of the way around a roundabout against a million scooters and cars and trucks, to cheat his way into the hotel zone.

Speaking of hotels, despite arriving much later than planned I get upgraded to a suite (not all that special but a nice result from booking with a few thousand freely earned points)

and the exec lounge is over-supplied and under-populated, so all’s well.