2 Jun

Dubrovnik, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Another blast down the coast road, straight to dubrovnik and missing a chunk of our planned excursion to Bosnia, but thereby getting a whole day ahead of schedule, which will be very useful. My bike has stn perfectly so far, while dave’s falls apart, but this morning it starts sputtering and coughing due to what i think was a fuel starvation issue because of a trapped fuel pipe, and while dave blasts on down the road without noticing, i have to pull over to see what’s wrong. I find nothing, ride on, and eventually it gives one last shudder and a back fire, and then it’s fine for the rest of the day. A beer on the beach works very well, and it’s a little bit odd to be looking at buildings with shell damage from the war, in such a peaceful suburban area, buzzing with trendy (relatively!) local drinking cocktails. They take euros here but you get your change in funny money. Decide to eat in a restaurant as the shops are closed, and end up with a plate of assorted meat, including something on a stick, that proves to be about 5 times as much as we can eat between us. As i’m writing this it seems like weeks ago, but it was only yesterday, and it feels like we’ve been on the go for weeks and weeks, but it’s only been just over one week. Starting to feel the effect of travelling so far so fast, don’t even know now what the local time or currency is, whether we’re still in the EU or not, what day it is, where were we yesterday… Including england, that’s 6 countries in 7 days. Over 2000 miles.