Day 9 – Dubai

31 Mar

Obnoxious traffic cops who think they’re dealing with a first-timer (Ha! Fools!), incompetent baggage handlers, screaming children, and delayed flights were only capable of spoiling my day until I finally arrived at the Intercontinental Dubai Marina, albeit a lot later than planned.

Country number 93 achieved, my free (on points) room gets upgraded to a club suite and I get access to the really very nice Club Intercontinental lounge for canapes and cocktails.

A plate of gyoza and a dry martini later and the hassles of today are forgotten and a view of the marina beckons. Not sure I’ve got time or energy left after today to see it tonight, but tomorrow is just a few complimentary martinis away. It’s good to have some luxury to enjoy when everywhere you look there are 20 year old Arabs driving Ferraris or 30 year old Europeans in Bentleys….

Oh yeah. Last night I camped (as in slept in the car) on top of Jebel Shams when I discovered what it was like up there and after being disappointed with the hotel.

And what a place! Windy and a bit spooky after dark but with a “tucked up in bed while there’s a storm outside” feeling. Sadly my visit coincided with a full moon but if you stayed here another time you’d have a sky full of stars, and if you came with camping gear you’d have a whale of a time, assuming you don’t break your ankle or fall off the cliff when you leave your tent/car on the rocky cliff edge in the dark to take a piss. Its surprisinhly popular so you to get a prime spot you have to stake your claim early.

Dubai at night is a lot better lit than Jebel Shams.