Day 87 Still in Vlad

18 Aug


This is supposed to be a blog about riding a motorbike round the world, so I’m always a little unsure whether I should post something on days where I haven’t really done very much to do with that. It’s been more like a day off. OK, I’ve spent the day doing practical things like sending postcards and trying in vain to get foreign currency so I can pay for all the various charges at Zarubino and Sokcho. All the bank staff have just said “Nyet” with typical Russian bank staff brusqueness, and every “Bankomat” just said something obtuse like “Device not supported” or “System not operation” (sic). Bought some socks though!

It’s hard to keep up with current affairs on a trip like this, so this is probably old news but I turned on Russian TV and saw Usain Bolt run the 100 metres in 9.58 seconds, which is by far the most interesting thing today.

I had planned to ride down to Zarubino and camp there overnight to be close to the ferry port, but it was back to the usual rain this morning so I decided to stay and will be off very early in the morning instead, hoping that nothing too serious goes wrong on the way.

That’s all. Pretty dull. I’m hoping tomorrow is equally uneventful and that there are no dramas with customs or ferry procedures etc. Fingers crossed. Hope it’s a bit drier, too. Slightly sad to be leaving Russia, I’ve really enjoyed it here, but also looking forward to completing the next major milestone of the trip.

This is a shot of the Golden Horn bay. Pretty dismal today.