Day 74 A New Adventure?

6 Aug

Moving on after spending time in a city always feels a bit like starting a new trip, but this time it really seems like starting something completely new. I’ve ridden my motorbike all the way to Ulaanbaatar. Now I have to get to Vlad. From there, Korea, maybe a quick visit as a regular tourist to Japan, then Canada, USA, and then we’ll see. First things first. Last day in UB so there are things to do. The laptop, which has been a major letdown for the whole trip, now seems completely dead. I manage to find the local computer shops and pick up a replacement. I really hope this one is more successful than the last two. It takes most of the day to do that, then in the evening I have dinner and drinks with Dave A, the 3 rally guys Steve, Thane and Kyle, and two backpacker girls. I have such a good laugh and a very late night that I will still have alot of things to do tomorrow, so I’m probably not going to leave until Friday, giving me about 14 days to make it to Vlad for the last Saturday ferry before my visa runs out.