Day 7 – Jebel Shams

29 Mar

Another day, another mountain. The photos don’t show how steep and difficult some of this was. Low-range 4WD for long, rough, and narrow climbs and descents twisting through the mountain on slippery sandy trails with no room for error, often over crests so sharp as you go up all you can see is sky, and until the front drops again on the other side you have no idea what’s there.It’s hard to photograph the steepest bits because you’re too busy trying not to drive off a cliff and if you did stop you might not get moving again, even if your car didn’t roll away and fall into the chasm while you were holding a camera. It’s hard to trust a handbrake when you can barely stand up without holding on…These photos are all the tamest bits where there was space to stop and get out and without a slope so severe you dare not try. These photos look like the M1 compared to the tight and steep bits.

And then, in the middle of nowhere, an hour’s tricky drive in a 4×4 to get anywhere, this appears:Next a quick hike to a lunch break in Snake Canyon. Spot the people, for a sense of scale.Eventually, another room with a view.