Day 7 Herz mountains, Germany

16 Jun

Day 7 Herz mountains, Germany, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Stopped quite early today when map and gps suggested camp now or in about 3 hours. Next time I do a trip like this I need much better information about camp site locations. On the first trip, I’d spent months planning the route, researching possible over night stops and finding places with potential, mainly working on the theory that lakes and rivers and national parks are a good bet. It didn’t always work out, but having spent nowhere near as much effort planning the route for this trip, I’m glad I did so first time round. How come some camp sites are superb, and others are rubbish? Trouble is, if you find a rubbish one it’s always a gamble to move on and look for another. On the first trip we called it "stick or twist?". Sometimes you win, sometimes you end up sleeping at the side of the road, like that night in Turkey, and a few times in Russia. At least here its just a little lacking in facilities. The wilds of Mongolia had little in the way of facilities, but at least there you weren’t surrounded by fat old German camper van tourists…