Day 65 Mongolia day 4

3 Aug

Day 65 Mongolia day 4, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

The day starts badly, and not with the hangover from last nights Mongolian firewater. I discover that i’ve lost my tools. All of them. That’s quite bad. I jump on the bike and spend two hours riding 40 difficult miles to the scene of my crash and back to camp, with no sign of my toolkit. Damn. Most of the way out, my bike is misfiring badly, until about 15 miles from camp, on my own in the Mongolian wilderness with no tools and no means of communication, it cuts out and rolls to a halt. Shit. I pull open the side panel to see that yesterday’s crash has broken the battery strap, the battery has been moving around and has shaken out the bolt from the negative terminal. I manage to cable tie the battery lead to the terminal block and with great relief the bike roars back into life. A quick lunch, then we ride for 4 hours over open grassy plain, stretching to mountains on the horizon in all directions. The scale is vast and hard to take in. 4 hours riding, aiming at a compass bearing across open, empty ground, not following a road, not getting visibly closer to anything. Imagine a field so big you could drive at 30mph for 4 hours and still not see the far end. Amazing, and an incredible experience to ride here. Impossible to describe what it looks like, what it feels like, the total silence and remoteness when we stop. Just awesome.