Day 63 Mongolia Day 2

3 Aug

Day 63 Mongolia Day 2, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Mongolia is incredible. The vistas are huge, the land is empty and goes on forever. The road is a gravel and sand track, and it’s easier to ride on the smaller parallel tracks or just to straight line across virgin ground. Dave’s bike breaks again, and is now a long way past just being annoying. A couple of German 4×4 motorhomes appear and we have a quick chat. Later a solo German cyclist goes by towards Russia. He’s been cycling since April and has done 12000km. I don’t really understand why we see so many German overlanders. German and British, seems to be the majority. A herd of camels crossing the "road" heralds a photo opportunity. The bike is running perfectly, and taking the roads in its stride. All the hard work and expense of preparation has paid off. I enjoy blasting across the plain between the mountains with the most amazing views and total wilderness on all sides. It’s fantastic to be here and we’re only a fraction of the way across.