Day 54 North of Almaty

19 Jul

Day 54 North of Almaty, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

The new satnav works great for getting us out of the city. A cop stops us, but fortunately just wants to chat and have a look at the bikes, and soon we’re on our way without any fine. Dave’s bike seems to be running ok but looks to be seeping oil from numerous places. After a short ride we find a camp site and stop at lunchtime because we need to do tyre changes etc. A big thunderstorm hits when we’re half way through the first tyre change and we get soaked, but an hour later the tyre changes are done, the sun is out and we can relax. I go for wine and bread while Dave makes more temporary air filters, then we have a rather nice pasta dish with a rather unpleasant wine, followed by chocolate and a roaring camp fire with a lightening storm in the distance, then bed, back in the familiar cozyness of the tent after 5 days luxury in Almaty.