Day 51 Monday in Almaty

13 Jul

Day 51 Monday in Almaty, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

5 course breakfast. Lazy wander around Almaty. Take advantage of free wi-fi in the cafe. Just a relaxing day of doing nothing, thinking that i should really be changing my tyres back to the road tyres for the next leg to Russia but not actually doing it. Then we go to MyTownMoto to see about Dave’s bike. Damaged cylinder, needs a re-bore and a new piston. Looks like we’ll have to try to get parts sent from england to Russia, there’s a bike shop in Novosibirsk and his bike should make it that far. Getting ready to ride back to the hotel i notice that my satnav has been nicked off the bike, right outside MyTownMoto. Bloody annoying. It will make the next part of the trip very difficult to navigate, and on top of my sunglasses going walkabout i’m out of pocket by well over 600 quid. Very annoying. Still, fish and chips in Mad Murphy’s Irish Pub helps ease the pain, even if it’s nothing like real fish and chips.