Day 40 How to be able to afford to eat in Scandiwegia

19 Jul

Finland is noticeably cheaper than Norway, and even Sweden, but that still leaves everything ludicrously expensive. Even a street vendor kebab will cost a tenner or more. So, top tip to eat without having to sell a kidney first:- Don’t eat all day, then go to the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet on Mannheimintie or whatever the main street is called, just over from Stockmans. €6.90 for as much salad (yeah, right!), soup (yeah, right!) and pizza (yum!) as you can manage. If it was one slice it would still be the cheapest food in the country. Avoid garlic bread and other fillers. Avoid fizzy drinks. Eat till you can’t eat another bite, then have one more slice. Then get another slice, peel the topping off and eat that. There are no terms and conditions saying you have to eat the base instead of selecting the prime bits. Have a nap for half an hour, then eat two more slices. Now you can have a lie down somewhere, knowing that you don’t have to eat for another 3 days, thus saving yourself a month’s wages.