Day 38 Stuck with Dave’s broken bike

1 Jul

Wake up at 6. Breakfast of porridge and coffee. Spend all morning working on Dave’s bike. No joy. Noodles for lunch. Take carb off my bike, fit to dave’s, bingo! Fit air filters, bad again. Swap carbs back, runs fine. Must be air filters. Try making temp filter, bike stops again. Even with air filters off, it won’t run. What the hell is wrong with it? Back to square one after a whole day working on bikes in the middle of nowhere, even dismantling carbs. Nothing. What do we do? My bike is running perfectly, i want to be riding the Pamir highway, instaed I’m dismantling and cleaning Dave’s carb30062009600-small. Dinner of noodles and tinned mackerel, dessert of dodgy white chocolate from uzbekistan. Bed early, ready to get up and try swapping carbs again. Hope dave doesn’t just ride off when he’s got my carb on!