Day 36 Kuala Lumpur

14 Oct




A short flight to Phuket, limestone karst islands looking spectacular in the turquoise Andaman sea, like Halong Bay from a different angle.

Equally short flight to KL. It takes as long to fly to KL from Phuket as it does to get to the front of the queue at immigration, which takes as long as getting from the airport to downtown.

Mandarin Oriental hotel. So good I haven’t left it yet. Relaxing with amazing city views. Great work out in a gym that is better than any in Newcastle. Swimming in an infinity pool with a view of the KL skyline and city park. With swimming being so new for me, it’s utterly brilliant to be able to enjoy such an amazing pool, especially as there are waiters to bring me cocktails when I finish.

Only have to decide whether to enjoy one of the 9 hotel restaurants and bars or head into town. Last day of this trip tomorrow, but what a way to end!

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