Day 33 Sodankyla, Finland

12 Jul

Day 33 Sodankyla, Finland, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Looks nice, doesn’t it? Little known fact; Finland means "Land that is wetter than Norway". What did I see today? Lots of wild reindeer, and lots of wild rain, dear. Went to Nordkapp. No real point to doing it. Just because it’s there. Technically it’s not even the northern-most point. If you’re willing to trek for 5 hours you can get slightly further north. But I’m a biker, not a hiker, so there it is. Shame they’ve utterly ruined the experience by charging a fortune to get the last quarter mile, although it’s spoiled by having millions of German tourists there anyway. Still, been there, done that, bought the sticker. The road there was quite good fun. Lots of open sweeping bends that you can fully commit to and go flat out. Not so much fun on the way back, and you do have to come back of course, there being nowhere else to go unless you float. So the journey south begins. Into Finland. Border areas are never very attractive, and this one isn’t, but soon I can’t see it anyway because of the rain and ground-hugging cloud. Nothing I want to see here anyway, just heading south to more interesting parts. Will keep going south till I find better weather. Loads of wild reindeer on the road, just happily milling around like they own the place, and looking even scruffier than their surroundings. Almost misjudge fuel range and hit town with 3 miles spare. Fill up, find only hotel in town in which to dry out. Knackered.