Day 3: Nurburgring

11 Aug

Day 3 Nurburgring(vql4)

Here’s the moment someone decided to jump on the brakes heading to Fuchsrohre, causing me take to the grass. Started out reasonably quiet for once, just a few slowcoaches to pass around Flugplatz, then I see the Ring Taxi coming and slow right down at Schwedenkruez to let it through, plus the faster race-prepped beemer that was following me. It’s always a lot easier to just back right off and let faster cars through, otherwise you risk getting tangled up in someone else’s accident. Pick the time to do it though, even if that means slowing right down. Just don’t do it suddenly at a fast and narrow part like Fuchsrohre… Fortunately it didn’t result in anything more than a brief heart attack, but I’d rather not have to run over the grass thank you very much.

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