Day 29 Out of Turkmenistan

25 Jun

Day 29 Out of Turkmenistan, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

By morning i’m shattered and feel like death, i certainly can’t ride a bike in this condition. So i ride in the car while a local rides my bike to the border, for a fee. Dave gets stung by a scorpion. By the time we get to the border crossing i’m still shattered and weak, dehydrated and barely able to stand. I have to get on the bike, and try to stay upright while we endure the endless rigmarole of the turkmen exit and uzbek entry procedures. Somehow i get through it, and we manage to find the only hotel in nukus and get a room. It’s a huge relief to be able to lie down and have a toilet close by, even if it’s an utterly disgusting, decaying soviet abomination.