Day 20 – Okavango Delta

1 Oct




Took a very bumpy flight over the delta in a little Cessna. The delta is unusually dry like everywhere else in this region, but still an impressive sight.

Huge herds of elephants and buffalo, many scattered smaller groups of giraffe and zebra.

With the bumpiness of the ride it was very difficult to take photos, especially on zoom. Resorted to no zoom and even then it was still hard.

Spent most of the return flight feeling rather queasy…

Failed to capture any photos that convey the sheer scale of the place or the impressive density of wildlife.

The people I booked the Moremi game reserve campsite have indeed shafted me, so instead of driving in myself I had to arrange a guided game drive. Which then got cancelled, so I had to run around again trying to find another option.

In theory, I’ve finally got one set up for tomorrow. If it does happen, it will be interesting to see what it’s like letting someone else do the driving.



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