Day 19 Living in a train by a lake

28 Jun

Glorious weather, glorious roads, glorious lack of traffic, glorious peace thanks to the quieter new helmet I bought in Stockholm this morning (many thanks for the glorious service delivered by the guy at Stockholm’s MC Varhus, possibly the best bike shop I’ve ever seen, and possibly the best service I’ve ever received, anywhere, ever), glorious scenery in the Swedish countryside of pine forests, wheat fields, lakes and postcard pretty wooden houses in the traditional copper-mining residue dark red, a gloriously cold beer in the town square, and spending the night on a train carriage converted to a youth hostel, with a glorious view across a lake, and at the end of a glorious day’s riding it’s still gloriously hot and sunny and so gloriously picturesque it’s hard to believe it’s real and not a movie set. A glorious day. If this was my groundhog day I wouldn’t mind at all.