Day 18 – Kasane, Botswana

29 Sep

Namibia massively exceeded my expectations for the entire trip, but Vic Falls was a big disappointment. Instead of staying there another night I decided to get the border crossing back into Botswana out of the way, to have an easier drive down to the Okavango Delta for the next phase of the trip.

Thankfully brief border procedures, except for the Zimbabwean cop on the approach to the border who wanted $20 because The Beast doesn’t have reflective stickers on the front, until I pointed out the reflective stickers on the front…, and the customs officer at the Botswana side who made me open up the back of the truck and asked “something for me?” a couple of times until giving up after I used the “play dumb” technique.

Arrived at some nondescript lodge campsite type place in kasane, where I’ve been trying to make plans for the Okavango.

It was much harder to book things independently online before the trip than it was for Namibia, and also I wanted to allow flexibility from here in case of delays earlier. Still not getting anywhere with arranging a scenic flight or a game drive, and the campsite I booked in the Moremi Game Reserve sent a hard to decipher message about vouchers and “reserve lists”, which makes me think that plan might get ballsed up.

I’ll have to arrange things in Maun when I arrive. Hopefully it won’t be a total loss but it’s always a bit pot luck when you don’t have concrete plans. Hopefully I’ve allowed enough time in that area to achieve something, but probably not with the same pace and efficiency with which I sailed through the Namibian attractions.

I most want to do the scenic flight, but with a minimum passenger count of 4 I’ll need some luck joining another booking or I’ll have to open the wallet very wide indeed…

PS I really would not recommend making plans to visit vic falls. Go to Toronto and Niagara falls instead.

PPS I once again find myself surrounded by rude and loud Germans. Two in particular sitting at opposite corners of the room and shouting to each other in complete ignorance of the presence of other people. Everywhere on this trip has been slightly spoiled by loud Germans.

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