Day 147 – Home!

16 Oct


Harrogate, England, Friday October 16th, 2009.

That’s it, done it, finished, all over. 19,000 miles around the world by motorcycle in 147 days. OK, it’s probably actually 146 if you account for the whole international date line thing, but technically I started a day early too, so 147 it is. Feels good to have accomplished a complete circumnavigation after all the effort that went into it, but I wish I was still going. There is something indescribably wonderful about stopping for a rest on a dirt road in the mountains, hundreds of miles from civilisation, with no-one else there, gazing around at a jaw-dropping view, knowing that you’ve come half way round the world and still have half to go, wondering where’ll you be that night, who you’re going to meet next, what drama is going to be thrown at you, and being at once as serene as a Buddhist monk yet as excited as a child. It has been a life-changing experience, in so many different ways.

In May 2007 I signed up to take an exam for a qualification to help me get a better paying job. That was the first concrete action specifically working towards this trip. Two jobs and almost exactly two years later I set off on what I hoped would be great fun. Now I’m back from a trip that turned into something so much more meaningful and memorable than I could ever have hoped.

A thousand thank yous go to the many incredible people who have helped me along the way. If any of you ever happen to be in this neck of the woods, be sure to look me up. There’ll be a beer waiting for you!

So, I hope to do something bigger and better, the sooner the better, but realistically in a couple of years.

In the meantime, does anyone want to employ a Java programmer?

And that’s all. I hope to add many more photos, some video, and various bits of info about bike preparation, route planning, navigation, etc, so check back sometime. For now though, thanks for reading!