Day 140 Toronto, Ontario

12 Oct


I wake to torrential rain. It looks too bad to go anywhere, but I set off anyway, and the rain isn’t too bad, until I get to Canada.

The border crossing is the fastest since Europe, and then I’m into the really heavy rain. I ride slowly, trying not to crash, wondering when the bike will get too wet and cut out, but it doesn’t, and with unexpected ease I navigate to the hotel, and that’s it. Done. The trip is pretty much over. It feels weird.

After a day of such unpleasant conditions, apart from the stunning autumn colour, I’m so glad to be in a surprisingly nice hotel and able to enjoy room service, a bottle of wine and a bath. It’s nearly over. I’ve almost ridden all the way round the world.

I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved but I just wish I wasn’t stopping. I know a couple of guys who are continuing south to Argentina and then up through Africa, and I wish I was doing that too. But I need to return, re-plan, and prepare for the next trip. This will just be a temporary break, and before long I will be back on the road. I think I’m always going to be on the road or just taking a break. I don’t think I could ever stop doing this.