Day 135 Little Rock, Arkansas

5 Oct


I came south to escape the record low temperatures and have run straight into record rainfall. The southern states have been suffering a bad drought for months, now we have flooding. The cold and snow was bad, but rain is worse. It’s no problem for me, I stay dry on the inside, but the bike is becoming increasingly allergic to water and in the heavy spray kicked up by the big 18-wheelers on the interstates it often sputters and dies. A quick spray of WD-40 revives it soon enough, but it’s quite nerve-wracking navigating busy intersections knowing I might lose drive at any moment.

I’ve seen a lot of RVs driving along towing cars behind them, but today I see a coach-sized RV towing a Jeep towing a speedboat with a quadbike in it. That must be a pretty big pension fund!

I arrive in Little Rock where it seems that I really can’t understand a word anyone says (apart from “Gee!”, which I hear a lot), and everyone thinks my quaint little accent is swell and lots of people wonder if I’m from Australia and one person asks if it’s spring in England right now…..