Day 12 Hue

20 Sep

Day 12 Hue, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

First two legs of today’s cycling are along the roads I rode yesterday on the motorcycle. As usual, I finish each leg about 15 minutes before the rest, some as slow as 30 more minutes over 20km. The third leg is up the Hai Van pass. I start last and I ride hard, catching those that started a good 3 or 4 minutes before me after about 2 of the 10km, and I track the fastest for another 7. Near the top, a petrol tanker passes, I stand up and sprint after it, and just manage to catch it, grabbing hold of the rear bumper. I truck surf the last 500m to the top, swallowing diesel fumes, laughing along with the truck’s passenger who hangs out of the window and waves, fighting to balance and not be pulled under the wheels. A minute of exhilaration and I’m at the top, where it’s very foggy. The downhill is good fun too, but having reached the top and knowing there’s only one short ride left, it feels like I’ve finished this trip. Tomorrow we have a morning in Hue
before boarding the reunification express to Hanoi, then a night on a boat in Halong bay, and a final night in Hanoi.

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