Day 12 – Etosha

23 Sep

Giraffe, elephant, zebra, buffalo, ostrich, and countless antelope type things. Not bad for a first day self-drive safari attempt.

Missing the big cats. Tomorrow’s plan has me moving to an extravagantly luxurious lodge in a private game reserve where I’ll take the safari drive and hopefully the guide will find us some lions. The guides all have radios and tell each other where things are, whereas I could only drive around.

Not an entirely hitch free day. At the entrance to the park, the aggressive and obnoxious Namibian policeman spotted a gopro on the passenger seat and immediately started demanding to know if I had a drone, then made me open the truck.

They’ve obviously had issues with drones here, because mine is now in the possession of the Namibian police…

Carefully written into a ledger and I will “get it back when I leave”.

I came in at the western gate but I’ll be leaving by the eastern gate. Copper said he would send it through and I can collect at that end. If he doesn’t, then I have a very long reverse route outside the park that will cost me half a day of driving. And of course here’s always the chance it will somehow “get lost”.

We will see. I’m not going to let it spoil my time in the park, where I probably wouldn’t have tried to fly anyway, seeing as how you’re meant to stay inside your vehicle and all, but if I don’t get it back it might be hard not to be very annoyed…

If it’s not at the eastern gate by Sunday morning I’ll have to spend the day hunting it down. Watch this space!

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