Day 11 – Hong Kong

19 Nov

With bad weather, bad planning, and lack of skill, I’ve failed to get one decent photo of Hong Kong so far. I have had copious amounts of superb dim sum and dry martinis though, so not all bad, and HK is stunning to look at and be in even if you can’t catch it on camera.

I have also had chance to pick up a battery charger for the drone. When you find yourself in a prime flying spot like Bagan with only 5 minutes flying time because you packed one of your drones and one of your chargers but not a matching set, it really is annoying. Fortunately DJI have their flagship store in HK so problem solved.

One thing stands out above all else though, and that’s the service from Jacqueline and especially Cheryl at the Shangri La, who have gone way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in a hotel.

After tonight’s trip across the water on the Star Ferry to the DJI store I returned to my sensational room with its stunning view to find this box of chocolates and a hand written note from the even more stunning Cheryl. Incredible.

Hotel lift reminds you what day it is

Morning view

Hotel guest’s cars include 2 Ferraris, a Lambo, and a dozen assorted Porsches and Astons

Mr Bruce Lee

Tsim Shar Tsui promenade

Club lounge martini

DJI store