Day 11 Hoi An

19 Sep

Day 11 Hoi An, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Early breakfast before hitting the road on a rented moped. Exhilarating ride out of the city, not really knowing the way, overwhelmingly manic traffic. At the marble mountains a local woman tries to sell me a six don’t marble Buddha statue. Where would I put it?! Stunning views from the coast road part Danang and China beach. Dozens of gigantic hotel resorts in progress, bigger than any hotel I’ve ever seen and all empty, for now. This place is about to become the biggest tourist report in Vietnam. Greg Norman golf resort under way, too. Beautiful white sands and sparkling turqoise waters, fishing boats, distant islands, cargo ships on the horizon, giant Buddha statue serenely watching over the fishing fleet, quiet roads out here, cruising at 80kph, the experience only slightly marred by the strong smell from the drying fish laid out everywhere you look, the ingredients for fish sauce. Up into the hills that we’ll be riding tomorrow, before getting down
to half a tank and turning back to burn the rest returning to the hotel. Three hours of bliss on a superb biking road with some of the best views I’ve seen in this country. Back to the tailor for a fitting, before lunch with the group, then a wander off the beaten track with Jordan, a little shopping, then lunch in the Cargo Club, overlooking the river. Back to the tailor for final adjustments, a luxurious massage at the hotel, then dinner with Jordan in a back street local restaurant that is the finest meal of this trip. An awesome day.

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