2 Jun

Croatia, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Another croatia photo. Continuing the story, next day we head down the autostrada taking the fast way to the balkans. The usual insane italian drivers tailgating each other at 100+ and a long boring ride. Expensive too with all the tolls. Eventually we make it to the border with Slovenia and roll through with barely any reason to slow down. Suddenly everything changes. The scenery is much more like france, there are loads of bikers, and as in france, they all wave. After the total lack of friendship between bikers in italy, it’s a welcome relief, as is the lack of manic traffic and maniac drivers. I feel my spirits lift as we settle back into cruise mode, sweeping through the curves getting cheery waves from the dozens of other touring bikers we see. It’s a shame to have cut the corner and missed out the parts of the country we had planned to visit, but we have to stay on schedule and need an easier time. It’s over all too quickly and we’re through the border to Croatia with a brief passport check. So long European Union, so long cheap mobile phone use.