2 Jun

Croatia, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Another Croatia photo, and now the pictures match the story. After half an hour transiting Slovenia, we head onto the coast road in north eastern Croatia, along the dalmation coast. It’s amazing how often on this trip i’ve thought "this is the best road i’ve ever ridden!", and now here is really the best road in the world ever, and i still think so 3 days later. Stunning views and curves that just flow smoothly from one to the next, so that the bike is almost never upright. It’s really amazing how well these bikes handle, especially with all the kit on. It’s a brilliant time, even my back which has been really bad is not bothering me, and it’s an effortless cruise interrupted only by the countless scenic vantage points for a photo stop. The end of the day gets a bit longer than planned as we struggle to find somewhere to stay and eventually end up in a holiday apartment via isn’t much cop and i have the added disappointment of discovering that the new laptop i managed to by in italy earlier in the day, to replace the one that broke in the first few days of the trip, doesn’t actually work. I think they’ve given me the wrong charger, and it’s gutting to go from feeling really pleased about being lucky enough to find a new laptop to being cheesed off about it not working. Without it i will be without mapping for the gps for the rest of the trip. Not good.