Day 1 of trip 2

10 Jun

Day 1 of trip 2, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Typical hassles of motorcycle travel: ready to go to the ferry terminal and discover a flat battery. I suspect the bullet cam is draining power, or some part of my wiring for the gps isn’t playing nicely with BMW’s can-bus system. I’ve got time, and a battery charger, to deal with this, but will I be able to start the bike to get off the ferry tomorrow morning? Ah the joys of stress free motorcycle touring!

Harry Potter

10 Jun


This is my Harry Potter scar. On August 1st, 2010, I went cycling and got hit by a car at 40mph. I suffered 4 skull fractures, a broken eye socket, broken nose, smashed teeth, ripped up knee, banged up ankles and a dislocated hip. My bike was destroyed. I was in a coma for a week, and the doctors thought I wouldn’t make it. But I did. I can’t remember anything about the accident, or any of last year after the accident. 3 weeks ago I had surgery on my eye to correct double vision caused by the accident. They took my left eye out, cut the muscles that control where it points, and put it back in. It seems to have worked, mostly, and so I can rid a bike again. A motorbike, that is. I tried cycling again, and even though I don’t remember the accident it was still very upsetting the first time a car came anywhere near. So I’ll stick to mountain biking, and motorcycling, which is much safer. Except, as long as the bike starts up in the morning, I’ll be at the Nurburgring tomorrow!

Another lovely scar

10 Jun


This is where I got bitten by a shark after I was shipwrecked on the USS Indianapolis during the war. It’s name was Jaws. Doesn’t hurt, much. Except when I try to run. Doesn’t stop me riding motorbikes though!