25 May

picnic, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Eating banana cake in the sun. Beats being at work! Having a good day today, so far. Navigational problems solved, weather amazing, roads perfect. Even managed to bodge a work around for the dodgy intercom. Loving it!

camped by a lake

25 May

camped by a lake, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Camped by a lake. Not even really sure where. Lots of miles today. Incredible weather, 35 degrees plus. Fantastic roads. Now eating camembert and drinking red wine (one litre for 1.25 euro). Another really good day. 952 miles total. Even saw a frenchman pooing at the side of the road. Dave asks, "are you sure he was french?" Who else would do that! Now going to watch dave try to cook burgers on a camp stove….

lake como

28 May

lake como, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

Making good progress today, despite more electrical gremlins on dave’s bike. Skirting round lake como, heading for the stelvio pass. Had quite enough of riding a big heavy and awkward adventure bike through manic twisty little italian towns full of loons on mopeds, especially in this heat. Looking forward to going up into the mountains and getting a bit cooler.