Camlick beach house

13 Jun

Camlick beach house, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

An early start. I wake at 5, dave is already up. We move on, and the road offers a little bit easier progress than yesterday. Something is rattling on my bike, so i stop to investigate. Dave seems totally unaware and just sits on his bike. We ride on, encountering a large amount of boredom, before dave reveals his intention to go to a camp site at the beach resort, where we select a fairly nice looking cabin, wander down the road for supplies, and retire to the terrace to have a go at cooking our own kebabs, the local specialty. On a beach with beer and dave seems happy again, soaking up the sun while i do practical things like laundry and route planning… My overriding memory of Albania will be all the kids waving as we passed and looking so pleased when we waved back. Turkey so far i’ve found to be site unfriendly, with lots of angry gestures and drivers who act like you’re not even there bp they cut you up, but on the approach to Camlick a little lad in the back of a car was so excited to see me and to get a wave from me that it really changed my opinion of the Turkish people. I hope it continues to get friendlier as we head east.