Bora Bora , French Polynesia

11 Feb

Taking a break from jetskiing around the lagoon. Look at how the clouds form as the air rises over Mount Otemanu.

A couple of hours chasing speedboats to jump their wakes, then a break on a “Motu” (island) to crack open some coconuts for a drink and a snack.

Trying to film from a wrist-mounted go-pro while bouncing around on a jetski is pretty tough, and it doesn’t show how incredibly brightly turquoise it is out here, and I didn’t get a shot of the eagle rays and manta rays we saw, but jetskis cost £250 for 2 hours, so you’re getting some videos anyway. Even if the hotel is free, don’t come to Bora Bora unless you expect to spend lots of money.

Watch this first one to about 1:50 to see how vicious even an easy, beginner-level wake jump is. Bloody good fun though. Can’t beat a Yamaha engine and a bit of air-time, whether land or sea: