Bora Bora, French Polynesia

10 Feb

Above is my villa from behind.

The rest of the resort is equally spectacular:

Obligatory cocktail on the beach photo, but at £20 a go there might not be so many. These are £4 in the Philippines!

Living room has a coffee table over a hole so you can look down into the water. The top slides open if you want to feed the fish:

Both bathroom and bedroom are much nicer than these photos show, and look out over the lagoon.

Living room opens out to the terrace:

Terrace leads down to the deck for access to the lagoon:

Looking back at the bedroom end:

Living room end:

My swimming pool:

View from the bedroom:

If you don’t want to feed the fish, you can instead have one cooked in a delicious coconut crust and served on the terrace with a Tahitian vanilla sauce and a glass or two of wine: