Beiyi Road, Taiwan

12 Jan

Leave the hideous sprawl of Taipei behind with an early start on to the Beiyi mountain road. Pretty good road, too:

Better if you’ve got one of these, though:

Or how about three:

Or how about a few million quid’s worth of choices:

I’ve accidentally joined in with the crazy rich youth of Taipei on their Saturday morning playtime before the traffic police get out of bed.

It’s just a bit of a shame I’ve joined in with my shitty rental car. Here’s my silver Nissan hanging out with a McLaren 570s, a Mercedes SLS, and a Porsche 964:

My Nissan rental in the background, really not fitting in:

Still had fun on these roads though, just a bit more slowly.

A couple more of the crazy rich Taiwanese are staying at my hotel in the Taroko Gorge and I saw them a few times today as they enjoyed the same roads I was driving:

But are they having any more fun than me on these very tight and twisting mountain roads just because they’re driving Lamborghinis? Well, yes, of course they are. Obviously. They’re driving Lamborghinis!