13 Jun

Azerbaijan, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

A strange day. Took advantage of being ahead of schedule to do some bike maintenance. Laptop decided to work again, hotel internet didn’t. Short ride to the border and a very slow transit through customs, then onto another dreadful road. Why are international border crossings at the end of really bad dirt roads, even though there are hundreds of big trucks going each way? And as with so many other crossings, there seemed to be a new road being built. I didn’t expect roads at border posts to be so bad, and i don’t understand why so many are suddenly being re-built. Odd. As was the scenery, traffic, police activity and everything else about this country. Headed for the biggest town en route to the capital, and after riding around town for half an hour happened across probably the only hotel in town. It has a half decent shower of a complimentary toothbrush, which makes it about one toothbrush better than a travelodge.